(EL DORADO COUNTY)

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Click targets on map or location names down below for NGS data sheet.  Data sheets contain coordinate values, driving directions to monument and a picture of the general location of the monument.  For NGS daHPGN STATION 
        LOCATOR MAP Missouri Flat Rd Park and Ride Hwy 49 and Emmerson Rd Hwy 49 and Sand Ridge Rd Hwy 50 and Silva Valley Rd 
Eagle Point State Hwy 88 Hwy 49 and Lotus State Hwy 49 and State Hwy 193 Salmon Falls Rd and American River State Hwy 193 and Penobscot Rd State Hwy 193 and Kelsey Rd Georgetown Airport Placerville Airport ta sheet definitions, click here.  


HPGN Locations = red bullet icon
Hwy 49 & Lotus Hwy 50 & Silva Valley Rd

Georgetown Airport

Hwy 49 & Emmerson Rd Hwy 193 & Kelsey Rd Missouri Flat Rd & Park N Ride
Hwy 49 & Sand Ridge Rd Hwy 193 & Penobscot Rd Salmon Falls Rd & American River
Hwy 49 & Hwy 193 Hwy 88  
NON HPGN Locations = blue bullet icon
Eagle Point    
Placerville Airport    
National Geodetic Survey (NGS)    
El Dorado County Surveyor's Office    
E-mail:  surveyor@co.el-dorado.ca.us