El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Online Crime Report

Theft - Your property is taken without your permission.  Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported.  Lost property is not a theft.

Vandalism - The act of modifying, defacing, or destroying public or private property. 

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* Select the Type of Crime You are Reporting: Theft
* Date(s) Occurred: (ex: 8/25/2005 or a range 8/26 - 8/27)
* Time Occurred Between: (ex: 1:00PM to 9:00PM)
* Address Where Crime Occurred: (ex: 123 MAIN ST)
* City Where Crime Occurred: (ex: CAMERON PARK) Contact City of Placerville or South Lake Tahoe if occurred within their city limits.
* Victim Name (Full Legal): (ex: JOHN DAVID SMITH)
* Victim Date of Birth: (ex: 11/25/1975)
Business Name:
(If Applicable)
* Victim's Mailing Address: (ex: PO BOX 1234)
* Victim's Physical Address: (ex: 550 VALLEY ST)
* Victim's City, State, and Zip Code: (ex: SHINGLE SPRINGS, CA 95682)
* Victim's Home Phone: (ex: 530-676-0000)
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* Email Address: (ex: example@gmail.com)
* Description of Crime:
Please be as specific as possible. Describe exactly what happened.
Your description will be included (word for word) in the permanent official narrative of your report. Please pay attention to your spelling and punctuation.
* Where Crime Occurred: (ex: FRONT YARD, STREET, HOUSE, etc.)

* Property Taken / Lost/ Damaged:
NOTE: The value entered is the value of the item stolen, amount of damage, or cost of repair.  For example, a broken windshield on your car is not $21,000.  $300 would be more reasonable.
Serial #
(ex: MP3 Player) (ex: Dell) (ex: DJ20) (ex: 24752456981) (ex: $220)
If a vehicle was involved please complete this section:
Vehicle Involvement
Suspect Broken Into Vandalized Other
Vehicle License Number:
(ex: 3SAM123)
Vehicle Make:
(ex: TOYOTA)
Vehicle Model:
(ex: TACOMA)
Vehicle Type:
(ex: TRUCK)
Vehicle Year:
(ex: 2005)
Vehicle Color:
(ex: BLUE)


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