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Department of Transportation
2017 Traffic Counts Annual Summary

Count information is available in three formats: Hourly Traffic Count Reports, Annual Traffic Count Summary, and Five Year Traffic Count Summary. Traffic Operations is responsible for the collection and reporting of information contained within this report. All questions regarding this data should be directed to the Traffic Operations Section of the Department of Transportation at (530) 642-4989.

Hourly Traffic Count Reports:

Barbara Ave
Barkley Rd
Bass Lake Rd
Bassi Rd
Bedford Ave
Big Cut Rd
Black Bart Ave
Black Oak Mine Rd
Blair Rd
Cambridge Rd
Cameron Park Dr
Carson Rd
Cedar Ravine Rd
China Garden Rd
Cold Springs Rd.
Country Club Dr
Duroc k Rd.
East San Bernardino
El Dorado Hills Blvd
El Dorado Rd
Enterprise Dr
Fairplay Rd
Forebay Rd
Forni Rd
Fowler Ln
Francisco Dr
French Creek Rd
Garden Valley Rd
Gold Hill Rd
Gold Ridge Trail
Green Valley Rd
Greenstone Rd
Greenwood Rd
Grizzly Flat Rd
Harvard Wy
Icehouse Rd
Lake Hills Dr
Lake Tahoe Blvd
Lakeridge Oaks Dr
Latrobe Rd
Lime Kiln Rd
Lotus Rd
Marshall Rd
Meder Rd
MerryChase Dr
Middletown Rd
Missouri Flat Rd
Mormon Emigrant Trail
Mormon Island Dr
Mosquito Rd
Mother Lode Dr
Mt Aukum Rd
Mt Murphy Rd
N Upper Truckee Rd
North Shingle Rd
Old Frenchtown Rd
Omo Ranch Rd
Oxford Rd
Patterson Dr
Pioneer Trail
Pleasant Valley Rd
Ponderosa Rd
Pony Express Trail
Rock Creek Rd
Salmon Falls Rd
Sand Ridge Rd
Sawmill Rd
Serrano Pkwy
Shingle Springs Dr
Silva Valley Pkwy
Sliger Mine Rd
Sly Park Rd
Snows Rd
Sophia Pkwy
South Shingle Rd
Starbuck Rd
Union Mine Rd
Union Ridge Rd
Wentworth Springs Rd
White Rock Rd
Wild Chaparral Dr
Wilson Blvd

Hourly Traffic Count Reports: The Hourly Traffic Count Report sheets provide count information with totals for each hour, as well as daily volume totals, weekday volume totals, and weekly volume totals. This report also indicates the peak a.m. hour and volume, and peak p.m. hour and volume. While counts are routinely collected in seven day increments, a number of factors may result in count reports of a shorter duration. The “Weekly Average” volume information is not reported for any counts that are less than seven days. The Total Average Daily Traffic (ADT) volume reported at the bottom of each count sheet is based on the average of the total combined weekday counts.

Annual Traffic Count Summary: The information provided by the Annual Traffic Count Summary includes the road name, count station, mile post reference, a descriptive location, weekday average daily traffic volume, and count period (the month or months when count was taken).

Five Year Traffic Count Summary: The Five Year Traffic Count Summary is a compilation of the Annual Daily Traffic volumes reported in the Annual Traffic Count Summaries for the previous five years. Since a number of factors may impact count data collection from year to year, such as construction on neighboring roads, holidays, special events, etc., caution should be exercised when using this data for comparison purposes.