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On March 29, 2005 the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 4666 establishing an interim General Plan Consistency Review process for building and grading permits. This ordinance applies to all new construction of 120 square feet of floor area, including additions, and to development activities that require a grading permit. The purpose of this review process is to ensure that these permits are consistent with the general plan as required by Policy This review requirement applies to all permit applications submitted after March 15, 2005 except for permits issued in accordance with an approved development agreement.

The checklist below has been created to implement this interim General Plan Consistency Review process. Upon entering your assessor parcel number, the checklist will automatically generate responses to many of the listed issues to the extent the data is available from County records. For the remaining items, you will be asked to respond to the information requested to the best of your ability based on your knowledge of your property and proposed project. The checklist includes numerous links to pertinent information available on various State and County internet sites that will help you to complete the checklist. If a response to an item on the checklist triggers a potential General Plan policy inconsistency, please discuss the issue with a planner in the Development Services Department. The planner will be able to assist you to understand the options available to you to resolve the policy inconsistency.

In some cases, a project may need to be revised to ensure consistency. If that is not possible, due to unique features of the site, the project may be reviewed as a discretionary project, subject to environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), with mitigation measures applied to reduce the impact associated with the inconsistency. This will typically require the completion of an initial study and preparation of a mitigated negative declaration by the County. A planner will be able to help you determine if discretionary review is necessary for your project.

Note: If you would like to review the general plan policies that are contained in the checklist without entering a specific parcel here [.pdf]

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